Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Horsey Affair

Opera Co of Philly has posted the rehearsal photos for Rape of Lucretia. Here too.

Here's one I borrowed from their page. You can see the horse thing on his upper arm. Oh and that black harness-looking thing - he wore that during That Scene. Let's face it, Tarquinius loved his horse.


tcarstetter said...

Britten's works are amazingly intricate and subtly wrenching.I lament sorely the fact I could'nt see Mr.Gunn inhabit such a character of wickedness,hate and destruction.Hard to believe, for he appears to be an ideal father and husband.Thank you so much for posting this!

Susan said...

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed reading it.

He really did become the character. I don't know what kind of husband or father he is, but if he's as ideal as everyone says (is that even possible?) then he's also an extraordinarily good actor.

I recommend you take advantage of any future opportunity to see him perform.