Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sonnambula Report!

Look! I have an unexpected opportunity to use a computer so of course I immediately logged on to post about last night.

Ahhhh.... Juan Diego Florez.... Ahhhhh..... Natalie Dessay.... not so ahhh for the staging. Stupid was the word that came to mind.

The music, the singing... ahhh the singing. Perfect. Beyond perfect. Words cannot describe how wonderful they were.

The staging... well... first of all, there everyone was in their street clothes. It was hard to tell what the heck was going on. If I didn't know that it was about an opera company putting on an opera I don't think I would have understood it. And then the words didn't match the action. I mean, they're singing about how Anina is beautiful and innocent and sweet and everyone loves her, but she enters like a snobby diva, handing her stuff off to anyone standing by. I'm sort of pressed for time at the mo and can't give this post the full attention it deserves, but I wanted to touch on that "words not matching the action" thing. A lot of it just didn't make sense. It makes no sense to say that someone shouldn't travel by horse in the dark b/c the way is steep, when the setting is obviously in the middle of a modern city. The main characters were obviously young, like teenagers, yet the "opera singer" characters were adults, so their behavior didn't make sense. More on the Total Day Experience later.

Because... TONIGHT!!!! Tonight. Firebrand of Florence. I can't even even think. My hair is too frizzy. Seriously. It's very frizzy. I'm not pleased about the Frizz. The Firefrizz of Frizzence. I will have to work magic with Product between now and 5.

Ahhhhh brain melting.


Banawoman said...

My guess is that under your hair, your brain is frizzy. There's a Product for that, too.

Maria said...

Melty brain will match frizzy hair. All is well. Get squeezered for me.

Susan said...
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