Friday, March 6, 2009

Kitty Distraction

To keep my mind off the adventures of the coming week - you know, the opera with the terrible reviews, the performance that I might or might not be making a backstage visit after - I've decided to go ahead and stop ignoring Cat Pic Friday. Well, at least this week. So here we go with the cats.

Look! Diego had a big blue thought bubble!


So really I'm just trying to not think about my upcoming adventures. Except that I can't. So let's see... I'm meeting my friend and voice teacher (that's one person - not two) at Penn Station on Wednesday afternoon and we'll walk uptown and find somewhere to eat before the travesty oops I mean the opera. Afterwards I'll find a cab to take me across town to a friend's apartment. The other option is a subway and then a crosstown bus... Yeah, I think I'll spring for the cab.

Next day my friend and I will hang out - I'm really looking forward to that!! Then at 5:30 I'm meeting someone (a regular I'd Rather Be Sleeping reader and occasional commenter, fellow Gunnfan and all-around nice guy) for dinner before Firebrand. Then the thing itself. Is it a show? Like a Broadway show? Semi-staged? Concert/recital style? Costumed? No idea. These questions and many more will be answered that very evening. So anyway, after Firebrand, I might zip backstage for a photo op, might not. Once a year I guess I have to have an annual, "Am I on the list" week or two. Another question that has no answer at the moment. And if I'm not on the list there is no way I'm hanging around by the stage door - how pathetic would that be? I do have some shred of dignity. Somewhere. I'll find it by then. Hopefully the "I'll see what I can do-er" will see and do. Anyway... then I'll make my way to Penn Station and catch the next train home, retrieve my car from the parking garage and drive 20 minutes home. Then I drag my sorry a$$ to work the next day and push some papers around for a few hours before coming home to collapse. And THEN, of course, I'll write all about it here. Hm sounds good to me.


Maria said...

I wish I could be there. I want all the details from both events. It turns out I am going to see La Sonnambula at the Met HD event in two weeks - it was a surprise that I was given today. Great. Can't wait. It can't be as bad as all that, right? Please?

Your Blue Friend said...

The production sounds a little questionable, but wacky productions never ruin the experience for me, it's all about the music. It looks like I will be missing this production for various reasons related to poverty and the three hour commute (I'm already going to the Met on April 1 for Rigoletto and will be seeing Rusalka on March 25 in Boston and I really need to limit myself).

I listened to the production premiere of La sonnambula and I loved the sound of it. Some of the live chatters over at La Cieca were being excessively catty, especially about Ms. Dessay, but I just love her so maybe I overlook some slight flaws in her voice. Most seemed to begrudgingly accept JDF's performance. No, I wouldn't feel apprehensive at all about going to this performance.