Monday, March 23, 2009

Four Voluptuous Women

Well well well. This might be even better than crawling across the stage.

Just got an email from the super-captain... Summer opera season is coming up and the directors have put in their orders!!

I think I fit the suit, so to speak... And no, I don't mean for the watermelon-eater. Or the shirtless servant.

  • Abduction
    • 1 Fat Man
      • This gentle man should be portly with a belly
      • He will be eating throughout the production Specifically Watermelon.
    • 4 Slave Girls
      • Voluptuous women. Not skinny. With womanly curves
      • These women will be in revealing costumes (bra top and sheer pants)
    • 4 Male Servants
      • Should look strong
      • Will most likely be shirtless

Mozart, Mozart I might get to be in a Mozart opera!!!! In a bra and see through pants!!! Ok what is wrong with me??? I am just giggling at the idea of being on stage in my bra. And see-through pants. With my not-skinny voluptuous womanly curves. Wait a sec one of my coworkers is an usher at the theater. Ah well he didn't recognize me in Traviata, he won't recognize me in this. Ha!


Anonymous said...

ahaha! this is awesome! I'll have to make another pilgrimage to Princeton for this one!

Susan said...

Don't tell your mother! LOL! Or mine, for that matter.

Maria said...

How cool is that! I have been too busy to read you this week till now and I'm so psyched for you! A Mozart opera. I'm sure you'll get it. I want to be you when I grow up.

Susan said...

Oh well. We all know by now that I didn't get in. :( Sadness, sadness and major disappointment.