Monday, March 16, 2009

Insight From the Little Opera Singer

By now you've all seen Alex starring in his various videos, whether he's acting out a Beethoven's Wig song, imitating Papageno or launching himself into our homemade crash-pad.

Lately he has been composing music. I wish there were a way for him to record it, to actually sit down and compose. Sometimes he'll say, "I hear a song in my head right now," to which I reply, "One we know, or one you made up?" "One I made up," he'll say. Sometimes he'll just sing some tune of nonsense words with a real word thrown in every now and then. The tunes aren't bad, he changes tempos and it's hilarious when he uses a real word. The other day he was doing this in the bathtub where he was playing with a toy octopus. Every now and then he'd sing "octopus" in the middle of the nonsense language. It was awesome.

He recently told me that he prefers music that has words to instrumental music, and that's why he likes opera, even though he can't understand what they're saying.

He'll be 5 in June. I know I'm biased, but I think he's amazing.


tcarstetter said...

I believe your son, Alex has EXTROADINARY skill and vibrant talent. I was soundly astonished when I saw the video of Alex imitating Papageno!! His voice is incredibly well-developed! Are you tutoring him? Do you know if he wishes to become a baritone,tenor or bass?

Susan said...

Thank you!
He seems to favor the baritone roles but it's not like he can choose how his voice ends up.