Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Disturbance in the Force - Where I WON'T Be

I don't want to put the National Weather Service out of business so I'll stop pasting the forecast here. Needless to say, the entire area is under a winter storm warning. Here we're getting snow and sleet in the evening, turning to all snow after 10pm, just when I'd be driving home. They're predicting 6-10 inches tonight and an additional 3-7 inches tomorrow!

In Baltimore the snow and sleet is expected to start shortly after noon and continuing. They're under a winter storm warning starting at 2.

Based on all this, which is caused, by the way, by an upper-level disturbance across the deep south, I realize, reluctantly, that I'm not going to Baltimore today.

I know I've been writing about not going for the past few days, however I have secretly been hanging on to a shred of hope that the weather forecasters are all exaggerating because they have nothing better to do. I have lost all hope (cue: dramatic swelling music) and will be stuck at home while Mr. Gunn does this thing 2 hours from here. Unless it's canceled.


Maria said...

It totally sucks. I'm sorry.

Susan said...

Now the weather service is saying that travel will be hazardous and any travel should be postponed until after it stops snowing.

I am now sending cancelation vibes to Goucher~~~ reschedule, reschedule, reschedule ~~~ But check with me first to see if I can make it. After all, if I can't go, no one else should go either, hahahaha!!!!

I am the Goucher Grouch.