Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three Drinks and You Got a Problem?

Ahhhh girls' night out. Girltini night.

1. Cosmo-Cello --> variation on a cosmo with limoncello.
2. Watermelon Martini ---> Jolly Rancher with a kick.
3. Peach something or other --->Stoli Peach with some kind of peach liquor.

Then, after lots of water and a vitamin B, I decided I should keep with tradition and do a tipsy blog posting. The thing is, I have nothing to say. Therefore, I will talk about the love-hate relationship I have with the blog tracker.

It's no secret I have a tracker (ok more than one) on the blog. The links are right over there ---> . You can click on them and see how people get here. Go ahead, check it out and see your own entry. So yeah you know about the house centipedes, about the searches on "My good opinion once lost is lost forever," people looking for naked pics of Nathan Gunn (why? why????) and occasionally people looking for this blog. Like today. Today someone from my geographical area (as in, someone I probably know In Real Life) did a google search of 'opera keeping me awake gunn susan problems.' Yeah ok so I get the first part... but... problems??? Meh? I admit that one piqued my curiousity. Someone knows me, they know the name of the blog, they know who/what I sometimes write about, but... no, my interest in opera has not adversely affected my marriage. Is that what you wanted to know? Send me an email next time - there's an "email me" link on my profile page.

My newest google search hits have been on "voluptuous women." That's kind of creepy. Which reminds me. From now on, instead of "voluptuous," I will use the term a friend of mine recently coined, "volumptuous." Go ahead, say it out loud.

I'd consider removing the tracker, but it's actually pretty cool and quite fascinating to see where people come from and how they get here. Don't worry, Readers, I'm not stalking any of you. I'm just interested in demographics!

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