Saturday, November 8, 2008

Caught Another One!!

Don't know why I find this so silly, but there you go.

Blog tracker today:

Country: United States
State: Illinois
City: Chicago

Referring URL:

Search Engine:

Search Words:
nathan gunn nude love and other demons

Visit Entry Page:

(which I think is funny since that was a post about the last naked google search)

Visit Exit Page:
(see the comments)

It's a (vicious?) cycle - Someone googles it, comes to my blog, I post about it, then the next time someone googles it they come to my most recent post about it.

Obviously I need to find something else to write about.

Keeping the obvious out of the tags this time.


Kaitebon said...

was he naked in "Love and other Demons"?

Susan said...

I don't think so... but maybe you could google it to find out, hahahaha.

Kaitebon said...

To tell the truth...I'm really not interested in seeing other people's husbands (or more correctly, people who are not my husband...whoever he may eventually be...) naked. I just didn't rememeber you saying anything about it! :-)

Susan said...

Yup. That's pretty much how I feel too and I said as much in a prior post about this. :)