Friday, November 28, 2008

Is it Still Friday?

I was home alone all day today and spent most of the day recording myself singing. What better way to fill yourself with self-disgust and embarrassment than to watch video after video of yourself singing flat, singing sharp, cracking for no reason and doing all sorts of other embarrassing things. Luckily for all of us it's Cat Pic Friday.

Diego, King of All He Surveys

Viola Approaches the Table

Cats read Opera News too, especially when Nathan Gunn is on the cover



Kaitebon said...

The last picture is SO cute!

Susan said...

Yeah... she's probably thinking, "Is that a ship's wheel? Does that mean there's fish nearby?" Or else, "There's a new blur in front of me that wasn't there a moment ago, I think I'll stare at it until I forget wait what was I doing?"

Kaitebon said...

Hehe...I would tend towards the latter!

Is she named after Viola of Twelfth Night? Or do you just like the name?

Susan said...

Yes she is! We got her and her brother Sebastian when they were kittens. Sadly, we lost Sebastian when he was 4 to feline pancreatitis. Diego is named after Juan Diego Florez of course, not Diego and Dora as everyone always assumes. ;)

Kaitebon said...

Ah...there was a Sebastian! That's why I was confused, because Viola and Diego didn't make that much sense...

But I assumed Diego was for Juan Diego Florez...never would have thought of Diego and Dora! (possibly because my little brother missed them by a year or two)