Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Apple-Orange Week

Apples. Oranges. I like them both. And I'm going to get a taste of both, so to speak, on consecutive days!

March 11 - La Sonnambula at the Met. Apples! I mean, Juan Diego Florez!!!

March 12- The Firebrand of Florence at Alice Tulley Hall. Oranges! I mean, Nathan Gunn! Row G, Seat 117. I understand that as part of the contract he is not allowed to enter the building wearing a shirt. In fact, I might just put the word naked here in the blog so it comes up on the next few "nathan gunn naked" google searches.

So I didn't get to see them perform together, but this isn't too shabby. Now I can give each my undivided attention.

Hm. I wonder if I can get backstage.

So. Any readers out there in NYC have a couch I can crash on for one or possibly two nights? Anyone else out there going to either of these?

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