Friday, November 21, 2008

*Yawn* I'm Boring. I Mean, I'm Bored.

I have been told by a good friend, someone with whom I never discuss opera because she's not into it, that,

"... incessant chatter about one subject, i.e. opera, can get pretty darn boring."

This telling took place on that Social Networking Site everyone belongs to, the one where you can add comments to everything anyone does. It was a comment on my own status:

"Susan has updated her blog. Boring stuff. Now go read it.

One other friend and regular blog reader commented, "You're NEVER boring," (thanks!) and then this anti-opera friend came along with her "incessant chatter" comment. There are now 13 lucky comments.

Now, those of you who read my blog, all 25 of you, know that I do not chatter about opera incessantly, because, obviously, that'd be boring. Oh and also I'm not qualified. I have pretty much shared all I know about opera, which isn't much. This blog isn't about opera per se, but about me. Gee that sounds familiar. Me going to the opera, me listening to operas, me being an extra in operas, me learning to sing opera. Me me me. So if there's any incessant chatter going on here, it's not about opera - it's about, you guessed it - me. *yawn* Boooorrrriiinnggg.

Then this very same friend went and commented on another status of mine. I think she did it first, before the incessant chatter comment.

Before I leave for my voice lesson I often write that I'm "off to my psychotherapy session, OOPS I mean, my voice lesson." Like, each week, pretty much.

Her comment? "Maybe you could use some psychotherapy & less opera"

What is UP with that? I am seriously stumped. But it's obvious that A. She doesn't read the blog or she'd know what the incessant chatter was about, and B. She's never taken a lesson of the sort that requires to you know yourself in order to do well. And C. She's being sort of mean, no? I mean, does anyone else sense some sort of hostility here?

Not to leave on a What the Heck mood, here are today's cat photos, taken by Husband with his brand-spanking new camera.

Here I am with Viola as she comes for her daily petting.

Here she is with That Look on her face.

Here's Diego with That Other Look on his face.

Here I am in my natural habitat. No, I'm not picking my nose. Wait, am I? How embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

If your "friend" is bored by your opera blogging, she doesn't have to read it.

I enjoy your voice lesson blogging because I am also starting voice lessons after a long time of not singing. I find that it requires a strange mix of confidence ("eventually I will sing difficult music well") and humility ("ech, another bad vocal habit discovered... okay, I'll get to work on this one, too"). I think it's mentally healthy to take up something as difficult as classical singing and to challenge yourself to accept your teacher's advice humbly, while not being discouraged.

Please keep on singing (and blogging about it).

Susan said...

Thank you!

She doesn't read it. We don't talk about any of the stuff I write about. I have no idea what she was thinking.

No worries, nothing anyone can say will stop me! I'm unstoppable! (translation: I'm addicted)

pjwv said...

I'm not sure what your "friend" expected from a blog with Opera in its title, but she should practice veiling her hostility better.

Time for some Mom advice: "Well, dear, a *real* friend wouldn't say something like that!" So just keep on doing what you enjoy doing, and we enjoy reading. . .

Susan said...

P- She doesn't read it. She just assumes. But thanks for the advice, Mom. ;) Just what I need, another mother. But just to clarify, I'm not taking YOU to the opera too. Although I do hope to MEET you at the opera in June when we go to see one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive." *snort*

Drammy said...

I'm sorry that your friend is so.. un-understanding! I know where you're coming from, seeing as mine got tired of my Diana-Damrau-blather after the first 10 minutes. That's what youtube-opera-friends are for! And of course, you're wonderful blog-audience.