Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whiff of a Rumor

I can swear that as I scroll the page down past that scratch-and-sniff picture, a sort of musky-seksy man-smell wafts off my screen.

No wait - the cat just yawned a puff of cat-food breath into the room. Never mind.

Here's a rumor I'd like not to believe. The rumor part is near the end of the post. But read the whole thing if you have the time - it's quite entertaining. And don't forget to read the comments.

Thanks to I.E. in Washington state for bringing that to my attention. I think.


Lilly said...

Wow, what a crackhead. She doesn't know for sure so why did she even bring it up? And even if he did - WHO CARES? That is why this is a Democracy. People living in some countries don't even have the right to choose who they vote for.

Susan said...

Wow Lilly that struck a nerve, huh? She was probably a bored old woman looking for something to gossip about. You may get off your soapbox now, ha ha.