Friday, November 7, 2008

Take it All Off

Had my voice lesson yesterday. It was good. I mean, nothing earth-shattering. We did some exercises to work on the break in my range. I think if it almost like a shelf. I'm singing, singing, down, down and then I hit the shelf and both the sound and the internal feeling change. So I'm working on staying on the upper shelf for the lower notes - it's hard! I think I might have written about this last week too. At one point in the lesson, pretty early on actually, I was feeling all out of sorts and uncomfortable in my own skin. Ok, the truth is, I just wanted to take all my clothes off. Not in any suggestive sense, but just to not have ANYTHING touching me. It was not unlike when I was in labor with Alex. I chose to have an unmedicated delivery. Part of the natural progression of labor is a point called transition, when the cervix (sorry if too graphic) opens the final few centimeters before it's time to push the baby out. Transition is the most difficult part - contractions one on top of the other, no break, painful beyond description. Luckily it only lasts 5-10 minutes. The longest 5-10 minutes of my life. But I digress, as usual. So when I was in transition, I wanted NOTHING touching me. Nothing. I threw off my clothes (trust me, you don't care who sees what at that point) and I made the nurse take off the straps that were holding the heart rate and contraction monitors. So thankfully I wasn't in any physical pain yesterday, but the idea of wanting nothing touching me was very similar. Sadly, I had to remain clothed, so I compromised and took off all my jewelry. Which sounds like I wear alot... I don't... but it all came off.

We also went over Apres un Reve. The accompaniment has absolutely no correlation to the melody. It'll be an interesting exercise. I have to get the melody firmly entrenched so I can sing along with the accompaniment. I see it as a challenge.

So. That post went off in a direction I didn't expect. But there it is.

Cat pic time, it being Friday and all.

Diego in the bathroom sink.


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Lindsey said...

I love Apres Un Reve! It's such a gorgeous song.