Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Johnny's Discs

Several (several) posts ago I mentioned that tenor John Osborn was putting out a CD (or two!) with his beautiful-like-she-could-be-a-model and very talented wife, Lynette Tapia. Well said CDs are finally available for public consumption. Consumerism. Purchase. Whatever. You can buy them now.

One is called L'amour Consacree. Click the link and listen to the 30 second sound bytes. Nice, huh? I've never heard her sing before. She sounds to me, at the same time, bubbly yet fluid. Really a sweet sound. Of course it's hard to tell from these tiny blips of song. But some of my favorites are on there, and the bits I heard that I don't know sound wonderful too.

For the other CD, it looks like they put a filler name in while they thought up something else, but then, a la "Hey Jude," decided to go with the filler: La coppia degli acuti (The couple of the high notes). Well I must say, from listening to the 30 second clips, the CD is aptly named. And WOW! I can't wait to hear the entire thing.

Ok everyone, go out and BUY the CDs! Chrismakah is coming! Get your shopping done early! Put some spare change in the pockets of these (starving) artists!

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