Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back to Business

Ok, enough nonsense about scratchy and sniffy. Well, at least until the next absurd event comes along that I can somehow twist into being related to opera.

I had been working and working on Vedrai Carino, and then when I started in with the French songs I stopped. Yesterday I realized it had been a while, so I figured I'd quietly give it a sing. Now, mind you, this was very informal, considering I was at the park with Alex. Luckily we were alone there because we were the only ones silly enough to go to the park in frigid weather. So I didn't sing out, but I just gave it a whirl, and wouldn't you know, all those little bits and baubles that I was having trouble with before, they just came out. There is something to be said for letting the music just simmer on its own in the back of the mind. Then, of course, I started thinking about those same bits and baubles, and of course... there went some of the legato. But how can you tell yourself to NOT think about something? Isn't that the surest way to make it fill your brain to the exclusion of everything else? I tried reminding myself to caress the notes, which sort of helped, but... maybe I need to bury it for a few more weeks.

So maybe I'm getting the feel of when to practice something, when to leave it and when to come back to it. It's all part of that three-dimensional thing I wrote about before. Hmm. Here's a question. Does the addition of time to the mix make it four-dimensional?

(see, I don't think only about the People on the People list. I also think about physics and mathematics.)


Thailand said...

Hi Susan!. I am writing from Spain. I saw your blog in florezidos web. I have just registered five days ago.

How are you?. I have a curiosity, What do you do exactly?, are you learning to sign and you manage an opera company also?. I do not understand what you say about "super", if you do not sing what do you do then?.

I have also a blog here, but related to my other passion, literature. Is www.linkternaeditorial.blogspot.com

Nice to meet you and I hope to know about you soon.

Susan said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment.

I do not manage an opera company. The word "Super" is short for "supernumerary." Supernumeraries are the people who perform the non-singing, non-speaking roles in opera, like, townsperson, soldier or servant. I have been a servant and a monk.

I also study voice. I started just over a year ago. My voice teacher has told me that perhaps one day I will be able to audition for the chorus for the local opera company, but we'll see!

Another thing I do is learn about and attend operas.

Finally, I act like a teenager. I write what's on my mind, about all that I listed above and more. I have silly crushes on cute opera singers (ok just one) and make fun of myself for it. If you read back through the blog you'll see just how silly some of the entries are.

Thanks again for reading and posting!

ps My profile picture was taken in Asturias. Where in Spain are you?