Sunday, March 15, 2009

French Psychotherapy

Since I missed Thursday's voice lesson due to my foray into the city, I had a make-up lesson this afternoon.

We pulled Apres un Reve out from where it had been resting these past few months. Once again, letting it simmer has allowed me to improve a heck of a lot, except when it comes to the pronunciation. Dang French pronunciation. I took all the way through 300 level French in college. None of that matters when it comes to singing. Why is singing French different from spoken French? What is UP with that? And no matter how hard I try, I just keep forgetting to make the kissy lips to get the vowels right. So my homework is to redo the IPA right into my songbook. We'll work on this during one more lesson before moving on.

The plan: One new English song, and then... German. My teacher specializes in German Lieder. I swear it's true. Totally unrelated to, well, you know. So who knows what she'll pick out to work on. I know nothing. I know opera - I know some Mozart. But I doubt we'll jump right in, as much as I'd love to sing me some Pamina.

Of course we spent a minute or two talking about La Sonnambula. She is officially in love with Juan Diego Florez. I have been telling her about him for two years but I guess she just had to see him in the flesh before succumbing.

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