Monday, March 16, 2009

Beethoven's Wig and Other Video Video

You know, I suddenly wondered today if I've violated any copyright laws by posting our three homemade Beethoven's Wig videos to YouTube. We make the videos because we're such big fans of the group, and it's not like they're, I don't know, pirated recordings of a live concert or anything like that. But however innocent my intentions, I suppose there's always a chance that the videos could make someone involved with Beethoven's Wig uncomfortable. The last thing I want to do is break any laws or cause any discomfort to someone of whom I'm a fan. So with that in mind, I sent a message to their press agent with links to the videos and a very nice note asking about the laws and potential discomfort. So now I'm asking for some support from my readers - if you have time, go to YouTube to watch, rate and comment on the videos. Perhaps even a comment that the videos have inspired you to run out and buy all the CDs ...? And if the press agent replies that it'd be better if I took them down, at least you'll have gotten a chance to see them.

While you're at YouTube, you might as well take a look at all the Gunn videos I've posted, since you never know when I could be asked by his press agent to remove any of those. That would be interesting, seeing as how he mentions them on the press portion of his web page.

I'm pretty confident that there's no problem with the John Osborn or CVH vids seeing as how they both gave me the go-ahead to create and post them.

3/18/09 Edited to add links to all vids:

Beethoven's Wig - Rate, comment and enjoy!

Magic Flute


John Osborn

Christian Van Horn

Other Gunn Vids

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Susan said...

Commenting on my own post.
Received a Very Friendly note back from BW's press agent - vids seem fine to her, hooray! She's forwarding my note to the management company just to be sure.

I will now edit the post to include the links.