Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions

Last year on Christmas Eve Alex asked to hear Just Before Sunrise. My brother-in-law broke out the scotch and we had a tasting. Who knew that JBS was perfect background music for scotch?

This year we're not seeing my BIL until tomorrow, so we had to do our own Nathan Gunn tasting at home. Wait that didn't come out right... ahem... what I meant was, well, you know what I mean. Instead of scotch this year, we had bourbon. It seems so hard core! Bourbon! Like my voice should suddenly go all scratchy or something.

So we started with select scenes from Camelot:

And moved on to Romeo:

Nathan Gunn as Mercutio in Romeo et Juliette: Mab

and then Pearl Fishers:
(and what's with the the Lyric taking the video down and just leaving us with the slide show???)

And finally Magic Flute:

I think I like Christmas Eve. And I just want to add that I have the best husband in the world! He sits and watches all these NG videos with me. I mean, come on. How many husbands would do that? He's a Good Man.


Drammy said...

Aww the Papageno suit reduced his hotness rating haha. But Pearl Fishers reveals too much - we need a happy medium.

Aw what a diligent hubby! I can never get _anyone_ to watch opera with me.
I've resigned myself to going to the Lyric alone.

Merrrrrry Xmas, btw.

Banawoman said...

Hey, Drammy~ did you get to Pearl Fishers? I think what was "revealed" was JUST right. Of course, it's all about the music.
Susan's husband would qualify for sainthood even if opera didn't exist. LOL.
Happy Holidays to everyone, including you, St. James!

Susan said...

Drammy, I do go alone when I go to the opera. I think he was just too lazy to reach over and take the TV remote out of my hands. Plus he was probably hoping, well, you know.

Bana, Thank you for your kind comment re: Husband. We all know that you're only saying that b/c he didn't drop you from his Facebook friends list after you failed to wish him a happy birthday in a timely manner. ;)

Lydia said...

I think I just a barihunk overdose...and I don't care. ;)