Monday, December 1, 2008

Filling My Dance Card

Just got me a ticket for Rape of Lucretia in Philadelphia.


Row D, center. Yes, that's 4th row.

Oh and I'm not going alone. No, Husband isn't accompanying me. No no no. Instead I am going with a friend who is accustomed to backstage visits after seeing the Gunnster, as evidenced by the photos in that link. We're gonna have a blast!

Hmm... I wonder if we'll go backstage.

I hope they don't spit when they sing. Better bring a hankie, just in case. Plenty of time to plan since the opera's not until June. June!!! Six months from now. Wow.

My opera dance card is filling up for 2009.


Lydia said...

Ooooooooh this is going to be fabulous! Definetly wish I could go see this!

Lydia said...

Oh, and you'd better go backstage! ;)

Susan said...

Lydia, I'll do my best. I have my connections and so on so we'll see what I can do. I will, of course, write all about whatever happens! Firebrand of Florence is first though, in March. One backstage pass at a time, haha!

Lilly said...

Yes HE does spit, but I don't think it will quite reach the 4th row. :)

Have fun, girls! :)

Susan said...

Yes I do believe you have mentioned this before. Ewww I'm kind of getting grossed out here! I've heard that a very tall person is sitting in front of us though so we should keep dry.