Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old Friends

Voice lesson tonight. Same old story. I was picky, picky, picky, my teacher kept pointing out all the improvements and told me to shut up when I got too down on myself. I'm sure if I were standing closer she would have smacked me.

Pulled out the old friends - Vedrai Carino and Ouvre Ton Coeur. I can definitely hear a difference. I feel it too. I was almost intidimated by parts of Vedrai Carino, but now I'm taking charge. There are still parts of it that I need to work on, but I hear a difference even from last week. Ouvre Ton Coeur sounded better than I've ever done it before! I still have some, uh, issues, with the French pronunciation, but I'm working on it.

This Sunday my voice teacher is going to see the Met Finals. One of her friends has a student in the competition and invited her along. Yeah, these voice teachers, they all know each other.

Next week's lesson is canceled so no voice lesson until March 5!

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