Sunday, February 15, 2009

Photo Bonanza! The Gunns in Oberlin

Fellow blogger, professional photographer and Gunnfan Sharon L. also attended the Oberlin Recital last night. Here, posted with her permission, are the fabulous photos she took. Thanks Sharon!


Maria said...

Just when I think he couldn't be any better looking, along comes pictures like these. So much for getting a grip on reality today.

I LOVE his hair long. Here's hoping he never cuts it.

Julie is one lucky lady, and of course, so is he to have someone like her.

Banawoman said...

OMG those are gorgeous pix. Thank you Sharon!

tcarstetter said...

This are certainly lovely photos, and I agree heartily with Maria. Mr. Gunn does look so ruggedly handsome with unruly, flowing locks of jet-black hair.Luindriel,I tried to post one of the photos on this post on my blog to compare Mr.Gunn to a character in my novel (He is extroadiarily comely!!) and it wouldn't upload.Could you please tell me if it is copyrighted?