Monday, February 16, 2009

Fledermaus or Gunn? What????

It has happened again. I recognized a piece of music -ok, an entire opera - and I'm sure it's because the opera was part of popular cartoon culture when we were kids - Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and so on.

The entirety of Die Fledermaus was so familiar to me that I could have hummed along. And yeah yeah I know my mother told me that she used to play it all the time. But I could swear some of it brought up cartoon images in my mind, so I thought for sure that Husband would recognize it. So yesterday I played the overture for him. This was my first time hearing it since seeing the performance on Friday. Not only was I able to hum along, I was able to "play" along on his back. Ok ok get your minds out of the gutter - when I was a kid my aunt used to play piano on our backs or arms, for fun. So anyway that's what I was doing to Husband while we listened to this. I played a few scenes for him here and there and he agreed that it looked like a lot of fun. I mentioned that the performance I saw is being done next weekend too and he said, "You know, I'd rather go to that than go to Maryland to see some boring Nathan Gunn recital. " I stared at him. I decided to... ignore him. I asked him if he has heard from a young relative of ours who we had asked to babysit... not yet.

Then today the relative said no, sorry, he can't. So luckily for Husband, he's OUT of the "boring Nathan Gunn recital." But he's not going to Fledermaus either, unless he arranges the tickets and childcare, and somehow I don't see that happening.


Banawoman said...

It's just as well I can't get there to use your other ticket. I'd be bored to TEARS if I had to see Nathan twice in a month. Wait. Make that three times. =)

Maria said...

If only I had money to go I would be there in a heartbeat/nanosecond/really fast.

When is it again? I'm checking airlines as I post...