Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh Who Are We Kidding

As if I could take a week off. So here's some stuff I sometimes watch.

Tipsy Waltz, in context.

And Natalie Dessay doing the Lucia Mad Scene:

I still think I like Diana Damrau's Lucia the best... that's like saying, which chocolate do you want from this box? They're all fabulous, but this one has that special something...

Ha! Here's one someone took from their seat at the Met. That's even more illegal than anything I've ever done! Uh... not that I've done anything illegal... but anyway... The sound quality stinks of course, but I have to post it anyway since I saw this production. Hm. I hope Diana Damrau's press agent doesn't call me and tell me to take it off the blog... nah...

Wow. They should have propped the camera up on something. I think I'm getting sea sick...


Maria said...

Does it mean there is something wrong with me if I also prefer Diana's to Anna's? I know Anna is supposed to be the "it" girl, but I did not think she did a great job when I watched the same scene from a couple of weeks ago.

I know that production had tons of problems, so that might be the reason, but this Lucia is superior.

Of course, what do I know? I'm just a hack who likes stuff I don't understand. I might even clap during a Lieder performance.

Susan said...

I've seen both their Lucias (Diana live, Anna in the movies) and I've seen Anna live and also in HD in Romeo and Juliet. (Guess who else was in that.)

I like Diana's voice better. Not that I don't like Trebs, but Diana's has that certain something, like a hazelnut praline in a box of plain old truffles.

And you don't need to "understand" anything to know what you like. So go ahead and drink red wine with your fish. And do what I plan to do - sit on your hands at all upcoming recitals.

As for your obvious ignoring of the "will her press agent call..." Thanks for that. Ha!