Friday, February 13, 2009

Another "Alone to the Opera" Post

Tonight: Die Fledermaus. Going alone. Sitting in the balcony. It's at a smallish theater so my cheap seat in the balcony will still be better than any seat I've ever had at the Met. Of course I'll still bring my binocs, just in case I want an uber-close up view.

There's this reception thing afterwards (remember Turandot and Rigoletto?) but I don't have a ticket for that. When I called about it a few weeks ago they told me that the tickets were $100!!! This week I learned that they are a mere $25. Now, if they had told me that when I called, I probably would have bought one. But I'm not buying one now.

Hm. Maybe I can crash...

Will report later. Now I must swallow some food and then hit myself with a pretty stick. (As opposed to a stupid stick, which I sometimes grab by mistake.)

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