Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trolling About

Feeling a little bored this evening so I'm poking about YouTube on the Nathan Gunn videos that other people have posted to see if there are any new comments since the last time I looked. I do this every 6-8 weeks or so. Sometimes I direct people to my channel or blog. Sometimes after seeing a video too many times I notice things that I never noticed before, like Nathan removing a stray hair or something from his mouth at about 3:26 in this. Actually Banawoman had pointed that out to me but my memory being what it is, I forgot.

Not quite sure why this video of mine comes up when I do the "sort by date added" on the Nathan Gunn search on YouTube. Any ideas on that? Anyone?

Now, if you go to YouTube and do a search on Nathan Gunn, you do need to weed through some of the non-Gunnster Gunn videos. For example, there is a Nathan Gunn out there who is some sort of religious leader. He goes on missions around the world. He posts videos. Those videos interfere with my searches for the REAL Nathan Gunn videos. Next you'll get Slither. Do you want Slither? I don't think so. But there's a Nathan Fillion and a James Gunn and they're always listed together so Slither always comes up. I have learned to put "-slither" on any google searches I do. Sometimes those guys still come up in the results, possibly because they've worked on other, non-slither projects together. And for the record, I have no idea what slither is, and I don't care. Then there are other random Gunn videos out there, but they're not OUR Gunnster.

One video that won't come up is this one. He's not in the tags or description. In fact, I came across this totally randomly when I was searching for different Despinas doing Una Donna. It came up in the related section and, ardent fan that I am, I recognized him from the tiny thumbnail picture for the video. Kind of makes you wonder how many other untagged videos there are of our favorites out there. He wasn't tagged in this one at first, but someone mentioned it in the comments of another video (don't ask me which because that I don't remember) and I put a comment suggesting that the video owner put him in the tags. If you do click that link, you have to get through the bariatric surgery scenes, but hang in there, it's worth it, I promise. And if you like interviews, you can also look here. You'll get a fair share of performance in that too.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for updates after tomorrow's voice lesson and Friday's solo operatic adventure to Die Fledermaus.


Maria said...

I'd already seen the ones you pointed out, but only by finding one, looking for the poster, going to that person's name, etc.

Kind of like buried treasure.

Susan said...

Even the Cosi one? How did you navigate there? I found that one by sheer luck! Aren't we lucky? Hahaha!

Banawoman said...

I forgot he does his patented Shoulder Shrug while he kisses her at 1:36! Cross reference still shot from Show Boat and ...what's the other one?

I need a hobby.

Susan said...

What's the other one???? Camelot, no?