Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Oberlin Q&A Account

I received an email from Sharon L, photographer extraordinaire, with her notes and impressions of the Gunn Q&A session in Oberlin. Here, with her permission of course, is what she wrote:
These are the raw pictures which have not been "worked." Raw formatted pictures do not go through the camera's processing other than taking the images. The final ones seem to be turning out...WOW...even if I say so myself!

The afternoon was very nice with Nathan and Julie. Here are some addition pieces I picked up:

In addition to Ann’s write-up, Nathan said that he has been pursued by several b-way musicals, but didn't mention which ones. I asked him if he is considering a b-way or old favorite song album and he said he definitely has some ideas, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get it done. (As I KNOW from a friend's personal experience who is on b-way.)

Some asides: I was the first to arrive as we were getting pelted with snow in Cleveland. But a few miles from Oberlin it turned sunny with little snow if any on the ground. I milled around for about 20 mins. The program organizer came and opened the doors and I milled around the literature section outside the 12x20 room (approx.) and found some interesting info. on the success of the music program at Oberlin College. Julie arrived at about 12:30 PM, we exchanged hellos and I told her that I really enjoyed to recital. Students and others started to arrive piecemeal and coffee with small sweets were brought in. The organizer met with a profusely bubbly lady who was talking about breaking her coffee table, for which she had to buy a new one. In listening, I discovered that she had just finished an interview with Nathan for the Oberlin College radio broadcast. No dates were discussed and I haven’t had time to investigate if this is available online. At the recital the night before, there was some speculation if the recital was being broadcast over a local classical radio station. (WVIZ) and that it might be available online. I have not had a chance to investigate this.

Nathan came in, bantered with several of the students and then the Q&A began. One student asked the importance of keeping fit and Nathan began describing how he does not lift weights. Esp. when he was younger as there is data that shows it interferes with the capacity to breathe correctly in singing. Julie chimed in saying that now he has established his technique, it would not interfere. Nathan continued to relate that his eldest daughter, who was in gymnastics (but no longer) had specific exercises to do to keep fit, esp. in the summer, when they are in Europe. He tried them and said he was so sore for days afterwards and felt that was all he needed to do. He also loves to run and takes long walks (as demonstrated in some of his journal entries).

After the Q&A session was concluded I asked if I could take a picture. They graciously agreed and my camera failed. The shutter would not release! (THAT never happens!) Standing there looking like a doofus, I attempted several times. I thanked them for their time and said I would not hold them up from the other few people still milling around.

A nice couple of hours and a nice professional couple.

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