Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Back. Again. For real.

It all has to do with levels of reality. As in, there's real life, and then there's non-real life. That's related to, but not identical to, unreal life. Unreal life is more like unbelievable reality. It's real, but shouldn't be. Non-real life, on the other hand, is what sometimes tries to cross over into real life, but it's not real. Sometimes it leaks into the blog here. Sometimes I notice and don't care. Sometimes I notice and comment, or even change and/or remove a post. Sometimes I just don't notice. Hm logic problem there... how do I know I don't notice if I'm not noticing? Ack it's not always good being too smart for your own good because it's hard to outwit yourself. So... I believe I (usually?) have a full grasp on what's real and what's non-real. And that's the real reason I'm buying myself a drink.

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