Friday, February 20, 2009

Opera Fashion Revisited - Shopping in Your Closet!

I realized that I can't keep wearing the same purple and black skirt every time I go to an opera. I mean, yeah, it's super-comfy (read: slightly too large) and it looks great with any black top, but I must admit I'm getting kind of bored with it. The only reason I wore it to Die Fledermaus was because Alex chose it for me when he helped me decide what to wear.

An acquaintance of mine is an editor at Glamour Magazine. She appears regularly on Good Morning America and recently did a clip about shopping in your own closet. Can't find the link right now although I know it's around online somewhere. Anyway... here's what you do.

First you pull everything out of the closet. Everything.

Then you sort it all into piles:

Stained items - bye bye
Clothes needing repair (button, etc)
Other people's clothes - return it all!
What was I thinking/Doesn't fit and never will - Goodwill/charity

Then go through the keepers to see if you can make "new" outfits. Try pairing stuff together that you've never put together before - you'll be surprised at what looks good together! Just pulling everything out can reveal all these new ways of wearing things you already own.

I don't have enough time (in a row) to do my entire closet, but I have done sections at a time and already come up with some great "new" outfits, plus found things I had forgotten about. And I bagged up the things I'll never wear again - suddenly I have enough hangers for each thing to have its own! I don't think of myself as having a huge amount of clothes, but things to tend to jam up in the back and occasionally fall off the hanger.

So I found a few potential opera outfits. One I'm pretty sure I'll wear to Nozze in Florida because the shoes I want to wear with it look ridiculous with pantyhose. First though I have the (maybe) recital (still waiting for yay or nay on that from my own embarrassed mind), then La Sonnambula (perhaps that greenish dress I wore in Chicago?) and then Firebrand (A long black flowered flouncing skirt with a black "my eyes are up here" top. We'll see. Maybe I'll let Alex help me decide again.

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Maria said...

I took time last spring (pre-problems) to clean out my closet...and I gave it all away. And I mean all of the end I had about 3 things left.

I had been holding onto stuff that I would never wear again for about 20 years. Enough was enough.

Of course, I was watching Clean Sweep everyday and that may have had something to do with the purge.

Amazingly enough, when I was done, I did feel lighter. It's nice to get rid of things that don't fit, aren't in style, are too old. More room to add new stuff.