Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Health Report on The Littlest Opera Singer

Poor Alex. He still sometimes says he wants to be an opera singer when he grows up. We just have to make sure he does... today he was trying to pull a heavy blanket off the bed. Socks + hardwood floor = his feet slid and he fell, striking his head on the bedside table. I was in the next room and ran in immediately to find him sitting there hysterical with blood pouring down his face. Ah, the joy of head wounds. A whole lotta blood. Managed to determine that it was just a small gash. After he calmed down and he cleaned him up a bit he was just lying there lethargically in my arms so I decided that maybe a trip to the emergency room was in order. Of course by the time we got there he was behaving normally. And the good news is, no stitches! Instead they glued the wound closed. Nice! I could have done that myself at home and saved us the trip.

So if he does become a famous opera singer one day, and you see a photo of him and notice the scar over his left eye, you can say, "Oh, I know how he got that."


Maria said...

OMG! I'm so glad he's okay. Head wounds are the worst. I've had a number and they bleed and bleed.

Sort of puts all yesterday's contretemps in perspective, though, no?

John said...

Glad he's OK. I remember falling backward onto the sidewalk when I was four. My mother took me to the hospital emergency room in a taxi. They used something called a butterfly instead of stitches.