Sunday, February 8, 2009

Circle Gets the Square

How could I forget to include this yesterday???

All summer long I stressed about dropping those damn champagne glasses. It was like an obsession. Will I drop the glass? Will I have to (ok, get to) crawl out on stage to wipe up a spill???

Now, the one thing about an HD broadcast is, you're right up on stage with the action. And in Act II the action included supers with trays of champagne glasses. At one point the mean brother uncorks a bottle, pours two glasses and hands one to Arturo, the groom he has chosen for Lucia. The glasses were pretty much the same ones we used over the summer - your standard plastic champagne flute. Only up close I noticed something different. Yes, the bottoms were round, but... what was I seeing there? Some sort of... edge? Oh yes. Someone is very smart.

No wonder their glasses didn't even wobble. Each flute had a clear plastic square on the bottom. Like, glued to the bottom. From the audience you can't see it. For the supers it means a much smaller chance of spillage. Why oh why didn't anyone (and I include myself in this bunch) think of this????

I'm sure none of the movie audience noticed the square-bottomed glasses. In fact, there's a good possibility that of all the people all over the world who saw Lucia in HD yesterday, I'm one of maybe 100 who noticed, and I'm being generous with that number. I figure, any other super, prop person and possibly actor familiar with drink-serving on stage or screen might possibly have noticed. If they were looking.


Maria said...

So even though you had the candy guy and all the other problems, it was good that you went! You learned something for the next champagne task!

Susan said...

Oh it was great! The candy guy didn't eat candy the entire time. I wrote about him because he's stereotypical - there's always someone who slowly unwraps cellophane candies and then folds the wrapper. Always. So of course I always mention it.