Friday, March 14, 2008

Yeah Baby!!!

That's what my voice teacher said yesterday when I was really getting it... it was during a vocalise. She said, "Sing like an opera singer" so I did and it worked. I started laughing of course. She said better to laugh during a lesson than to cry. It felt like pretending, like when I used to play at being an opera singer when I was young, but I produced the best sound I've ever made! It was pretty cool. Worked on the aria and I can really hear the difference. Later I'll post what she told me to do... I wrote it down word for word in my notebook. Something to do with improving my legato of course... about when one syllable has more than one note, to stress the 2nd note so I stitch them together... something like that.

It's funny how she writes stuff in her notebook. When she says something to me that gets through and improves my sound, she leaps up from the piano to write down what she said. I had more to write about this - had a long and of course terribly clever post all put together in my head while driving. Of course it's gone now... I'm sure it'll come back as I'm falling asleep or showering.

Tried on my opera outfit for a friend yesterday. Picked out a few necklaces that work with the dress and jacket. Now I have to make earrings to match each necklace. Sounds harder than it is - but making something to match is actually pretty easy.

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