Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Learning Curve

I love reading the blogs of "real" singers, like, people who get paid to sing. Sometimes when they write about technique I admit I do get a bit lost, but for the most part I get it. For me, now, I'm still focusing on relaxing. Relax and let go. Plus I'm learning the physical techniques to help make the sound rounder, fuller, more legato, more vibrato, etc.

Ok I got carried away with the whole gift thing. The point is to bring a small token to J.O. to say thank you for the backstage invite, not give everyone in the cast a present! I made a CD of the Barbiere from San Fran Opera. And if he forgets, well, I can always give it to NG since he's on it too, heh heh.


Carlos said...

It has to be funny if NG and JO read the blog ;)

Susan said...

I'm pretty confident that NG is not reading the blog. JO... maybe... JDD...possibly, because I've commented on her blog, and I always click on the profiles for people who comment on mine.