Saturday, August 29, 2009

Picking and Singing

Words cannot express how eager I am to resume my voice lessons. I spoke with my teacher the other day. I can't get up to her house for that extra lesson so we'll probably just tack the time onto another lesson. That'll be tricky since my lesson coincides with Alex's music class. His is an hour, mine is 45 minute. But WAIT! My lessons start two weeks before his class starts, so maybe we can do it then.

See, once again blogging solves a problem.

I'm thinking I might try to teach myself one of the songs from the songbook. The book comes with a CD with the pronunciation for non-English songs and piano accompaniment, and I can probably find someone singing it on YouTube. Although I am very careful about that - I don't want to end up imitating anyone, incorporating someone else's style or mistakes. However it's a good way to learn the melody since I don't have a piano. So I listen for just the melody and then make it my own. Or at least that's the theory...

So first I have to go through the book and pick something. Wish me luck.


singtothe said...

I am a karaoke enthusiast and take it pretty seriously and have lots of karaoke software at home and every chance i get me and my friend have a great girls night in a few bottles of wine and belt out some songs. I have often thought about singing lesson and going on x factor but I'm not sure.

Susan said...

You should take voice lessons. As good as you are, you'll get even better once you study with someone who can show you proper breathing technique and so on.