Friday, August 7, 2009

Tipsy Post: Gretchen Take 1

Time to post a "before" of Gretchen am Spinnrade.

This was my first time really singing it through with the words... which I don't really know. Nor do I really know how to pronounce them. I did my best. I wanted to record it so I could examine and it see what I needed to work on. Like, open my mouth wider. I didn't realize until the end, when I relaxed, that concentrating on the words made my jaw and shoulders a little tense. I'm hoping that once I really have them memorized it'll make a difference.

Oh yeah the 1.5 gin and tonics I had before singing this didn't hurt. Not that I think they helped, but I think they lowered my affective filter to take away my potential embarrassment at mistakes and so on. Yeah I know it's a linguistic term but I'm a certified ESL teacher so there you go.

Oh yeah while I was tipsy in front of the camera I did this. Note the lack of dynamics, if that's what you call it... it's all one volume. I have the tipsiness to thank for that.


Susan Eichhorn-Young said...

take the time now to get the language in the mouth! WITHOUT the music!!! What we do is multi-layered and needs to be physicalized one layer at a time - language for natural rhythm and physicality, then language for musical rhythm and intention of physicality. THEN and only then should you try it with the music - gin and tonic or not!!! lol

Susan said...

*sigh* I know. I'm so impatient. I just want to be able to sing!

I have to wait for my lessons to resume to really get the language down. My teacher specializes in lieder and will no doubt have a lot to teach me. I know what the words mean but I know that's not enough. So yeah, you caught me.

I have been singing the music on a single vowel sound for a while now, and I know I have to sing it vowels only. I'm also enjoying the puzzle of trying to read the music as I learn it, because THAT'S new for me too. I also have this silly thing now where I want to impress my teacher when we next meet next month. Silly because I'm studying for me, not for her or anyone else.

Several years ago I took a watercolor painting class through the local community ed program. (By several I mean, in the 1980s.) I had ideas of these whimsical paintings I wanted to do. I dutifully did all the exercises the teacher had us do, but then at home I painted my whimsical fish scene. I showed it to the teacher and he basically dismissed it and said to focus on the fundamentals. I never had the drive or desire to paint though, it was just something to do to get out of the house. But I was impatient then too.

My logical brain (superego) knows what I need to do, but my other brain (id) wants it NOW!

Patience... patience... I'm working on it. :)