Sunday, August 16, 2009

Successfully Ticketed

Well, what a difference from last year, when I waited 2 hours to spend $200.

Today at noon I had my computer logged on and the phone in my hand. Called once, was a smidge too early and the lines weren't open yet. Called again, got right through, was on hold for about a minute, spoke with a person, ordered tickets for Carmen in January and Die Zauberflote in April. I then looked at the computer to see that the seating section page was only just loading. So this year it took me 5 minutes to spend $450. Someone else I knew had the hardest time getting through. Like last year, his tickets kept getting released from his cart because the system took so long to navigate from page to page. For both performances we're in the Grand Tier, Row E, center section.

So just now, on a lark, I thought, "Hey, let's see if the system is blocked up now."

Nope. Got right in. Looked at La Fille. Found myself putting the two front and center balcony seats into the cart for a day in February. Oh look, they already have all my info saved. Click, click there's another $190 spent in 30 seconds after this morning's $450. I'm half expecting my credit card company to call to alert me to unusually large purchases.

Yes, they are large. Large piles of dollars. HOWEVER Banawoman is paying her own way, (I'd treat her if I could afford it!!) AND I expect to be able to sell the extra La Fille ticket to a companion - perhaps my voice teacher... and Husband and I decided that Carmen will be a date out in NYC for ourselves. Yesterday he kept saying, "Don't worry about the money!! We'll have a great time!!" And hey, the tickets will be paid for by then, so the guilt won't seem so pressing. Gotta get over that. So... anyone wanna babysit that night?

It's so tempting to go back and get more, more, more! Click, click, click. The internet is a dangerous place.

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