Monday, August 3, 2009

Batti Mommy

Trying to incorporate all the advice. I wasn't planning on posting this but... and it's not really about the singing... which is atrocious... it's more about... well, take a listen.

You want to know what all that screaming was about? He was in the bath and he wanted a drink of water... or so he said. Really it was simply because I was singing and recording.

I made an executive parental decision and ignored him until I was done. Well, I didn't exactly ignore him. I got louder when he got louder. You can see me turning toward the door. Who's the child? The line is blurred sometimes.

Tough love.


Anonymous said...

LOL.... Love that you were trying not to laugh and sing at the same time.

Susan said...

The singing is pretty awful. But the MOMMY MOMMY is priceless. All parents who see this will understand. All childless people will think twice about having kids... hahaha.

Anonymous said...

This is HYSterical! And as your voice teacher is known to say: Blessed are the childless (for they can sing without interruption)!

Susan said...

Since you seem to know my voice teacher, tell her to go to bed - she has to teach tomorrow morning. :)