Friday, August 14, 2009

McGoofy McBoof

Had a chance to listen to the entire Phineas McBoof CD. It's definitely for kids. Which means, of course, that I love it. It's a bunch of songs tied together in a story of how the band got together. The songs are all different styles and are all catchy and silly. Which means, of course, that I love it. And while there's stuff in there that's fun for parents, I don't think it'd be fun for a someone who didn't have (ever) a little kid. Go to this link and listen to number 10. Alex does wake up at three to pee and he announces it, loudly. Yeah, I need a nap.

Mr. Gunn is on the first couple of tracks as the character Placido Flamingo. There's this sort of orchestral and vocal warmup and you can hear him say something like, "No green M&Ms in my bowl!" (who was that, Van Halen, that had all these weird requests for the backstage hospitality?) You can hear it here, track 1. Anyway I've learned that Placido Flamingo has a much larger presence in the 2nd CD, that Mr. Gunn has already recorded his parts and that they're "hilarious." But we'll all have to wait until next year to hear it, for that's when it'll be released.

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