Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waxing and Waning and Five Minutes and... Phineas McBoof?

I've been listening to Juan Diego Florez a lot lately. I used to listen constantly, then I took a break... not on purpose... but now... I'm back. I'm back to the place where I'd do anything he asked, if he sang it to me.

I took break from that Other Guy too. I must have had Pretty Voice Overload or something. Yeah, or something. But he's slowly creeping back under my skin too. And if you don't know who I mean, then you must be a new reader.

Those two have gone back and forth between my number 1 and 2 spots for a few years now.

The women, I never tire of listening to them.

I wish Elizabeth Caballero would put out a CD. I'm guessing that the Carmen she's in at the Met will be broadcast on the radio, so I'll be able to get a copy, but I'm talking about her very own CD of just her. Ok a duet is allowed. One duet.

Speaking of CDs, I just purchased Taking My Turn, Susan Eichhorn Young's new CD. I've only had a chance to listen to the first two tracks and I'm blown away. Beautiful, beautiful voice! You can hear the emotion as she sings, she really brings you along for the ride. Next time I have 5 minutes in a row to myself I'll listen to another. I hope to hear the entire CD before the end of the summer...And anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about should go here and watch the video. I wasn't sure how I'd like the songs, but they're fun! I did track through it quickly - that means I listened to the beginning of each song for about 10 seconds - enough to get an idea of where the songs are going. One of the tracks sounded familiar... that's because I've heard it before. Yes I'm going to make you read the track listings for both CDs to see which one.

BUT while I was searching that, I found THIS. Oh my. And what do you know, Alex is smack in the middle of the suggested age range. Hahaha I guess I'm not done CD shopping this month...


tcarstetter said...

What is this album about? is it an introduction for children to opera? I would love to Mr. Gunn sing something sweet like that!

Susan said...

Susan said...

For an introduction to opera I recommend 'The World's Very Best Opera For Kids - In English'