Sunday, August 23, 2009

Introductions and Other Subjects

Every now and then someone who wants to learn about opera asks me for recommendations. "What should I listen to first?" or, "I usually don't like opera, although I recognize that the singers are talented." So what is the best thing to recommend? I personally am not into Puccini, so I'd never recommend him as a first listen, although many people recommend Boheme as an easy first opera. I usually recommend Mozart or Rossini. I find it's hard to recommend just one aria, like, just one YouTube clip, because it all has so much meaning within the context of the entire story. So what do you recommend people listen to, either to sit down and read along with, or just view some YouTube clips?

Totally new subject: Back to the "What kind of press is this?" scenario. Meaning, this, from Our Favorite Baritone. Time? Program name? Anyone know? That's sort of important information to include, especially if you take the time to post it in the first place. And look at that list of stations - ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS - all the major commercial networks, all over the country. Other than some sort of political event, what sort of program is shown on several networks at the same time? It's very confusing. Is he running for office? Anyone have any more info about this? There's an entire group of sort of curious people. Post a comment or send me a message at

Totally new subject: Was watching La Cenerentola with Alex and I said, "Isn't she cute," referring, of course, to Elina Garanca when she was all dressed up in blue. "No," he replied, "She's beautiful."

Totally new subject: Was listening to Diana Damrau as Lucia today, from the radio broadcast of the performance I saw last October. She is amazing. I'm so glad I'm going to see her in La Fille.

That's all... for now.

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Do keep us apprised, Susan! Gracias!