Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pricey Peer Pressure

Banawoman is trying to convince me to visit her and see this. $30 tickets, now, that's as good as free in the world of opera ticket prices. Luckily for all involved, and you know who you are, the airfare is prohibitively expensive. Even the promise of free room and board AND a chocolate on my pillow doesn't make up for the fact that for the same money I can get a Very Good seat at the Met for a full-blown opera. So you can all breathe a sigh of relief - she will be going alone. I will, of course, insist that she come out in April.

But getting back to this, why is it not listed anywhere official? The whole lack of information there continues to confuse me. There's much more here (nice Star Trek thing at the bottom of the page there) and here. If anyone is interested.

Side note: Just got the most amazingly wonderful email from a regular reader. Must go reply asap.


John said...

Thanks for the link to the schedule. I should probably get rid of the Star Trek thing. Do you think so?

Susan said...

I like the Star Trek thing.

John said...


Susan said...

...except for when it suddenly starts talking! Freaky! Ha!!!!