Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Quick Word or Two

Just popping in to say that I'm not nervous at all about Met tickets going on sale tomorrow. Right. Not. Nervous.

Truthfully, I know I'll get a ticket into the building, probably on the days I want, most likely in the seats I want, but's like this. Tickets go on sale at noon. tomorrow. Husband will be gone - he's going to a baseball game - so it'll be me and Alex, and you all know what it's like when I try to do anything ... so for now the plan is, put on a video (he's totally into the original Willy Wonka right now, except for the Fizzy Lifting Drink part) and then I'll have the laptop (which I never use so I have to mess about on it tonight) and the phone and will hopefully get through one or the other and done in a reasonable amount of time. I'm hoping they've vamped up their online ticket system since last year's debacle.

The other word is, the music school was able to schedule my voice lesson at the same time as Alex's music class, in the same building. His lesson is 60 min and mine is 45, so I'll be able to drop him off and retrieve him, no problem. I'm also glad to have my voice lesson on a Saturday morning instead of on a weekday evening, when I'm usually exhausted before I even get to the lesson. Instead, I'll be jacked up on caffeine. Hm. Hope that's not a problem, vocally.

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