Tuesday, August 18, 2009

That Voice, That Voice!

I'm talking about Juan Diego Florez, of course. Can't get enough of his singing. Can't. Get. Enough. I'm so glad I got those tickets for La Fille. So. Glad. I already found a date - just as I suspected, my friend and voice teacher, who came with me to La Sonnambula, is happy to see Juan Diego again. And Diana Damrau!!! How can I forget! I haven't forgotten. I'm thrilled, that's what I am.

Another That Voice, That Voice person is Elizabeth Caballero, and I'm seeing her in Carmen! She's singing the role of Frasquita. At the Met. I'm thrilled about that too!! That's BEFORE La Fille.

So while we're talking about what I'm seeing at the Met, I'm also seeing Die Zauberflote. And Banawoman is coming to NYC to see it with me! I'm thrilled about that! Oh and about seeing the opera. Mozart! That totally cool puppety Julie Tamor production!

French, French and German. Nothing in Italian? What kind of opera season is that for me? Hahaha!

Yep. Another post about nothing.

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