Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Imaginary Lesson

Since I'm not taking voice lessons this summer I decided to give myself an imaginary lesson. I recorded myself singing Batti Batti a few times. No, I'm not posting any of those recordings here. Then I examined the recordings to see what I was doing wrong and right. I categorized it by, things I know I should be doing but didn't do, and problems that I recognize but am not sure what to do about them. Then, I thought, what would my teacher tell me? Obviously I don't know the answer to that... at least, not always.

For example, I'm sounding a bit weak on the higher notes. No surprise there. However I know I can produce a nice, bell-like sound for those notes in a warm-up. Hmm, I thought. Could be the particular order of the vowels coupled, of course, with my fear of the notes. What would my teacher say? Besides reminding me that I can hit those notes nicely, she'd probably take the measure and make a vocalise out of it, and then have me do it up and down the scale and with different vowel combinations. Ok, I can do that. It's just much easier for me to do that when she reads the music and plays the combos on the piano for me in the different keys, and sets up the vowel combinations for me.

Another thing I want to work on is controlling the volume during the fermata while keeping the bell-like and caressing sound.

That's just a taste of the thought process I went through while I made myself some homework assignments. I still need to poke around online for tips and exercises when I get a chance.

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