Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Ching-a-Ring Dreams

Short post about this-n-that.

Looks like Opera Chic made her way to Central Park yesterday. OC says,

Baritone Nathan Gunn was the soloist for the first work, Aaron Copland's "Old American Songs", the highlight being the final work of five, "Ching-a-Ring Chaw" to which Gunn threw himself into with great cadence and enthusiasm.

Ching a Ring Chaw? Ok. Read all about it and see the photos of a Famous Person eating a sandwich here.

Today Alex asked if I would take him to see Abduction from the Seraglio. I explained why I can't - he's 5 and just won't remember to wait until it's over to ask questions. Turns out his main reason for wanting to go was to see them spit watermelon seeds and throw the banana. Don't think I included the banana in my review - at one point Osmin comes on stage peeling a banana. One of the other characters enters so he throws the banana over his shoulder to deal with whoever it was. (Yeah, I know, I don't remember.) One of the guards catches the banana and starts eating it.

Another silly scene I left out of the description was when Belmonte tosses a little bag of coins to Osmin. It goes past him and lands at the feet of the male slaves. The slave nearest the bag makes nonsense conversation with Osmin - just noises with intonation. He answers in the same nonsense intonation language and they have this little conversation about what to do with the money, all in that nonsense. It was Very Funny.

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One of the posts there reminds me of a dream I had last night.

The dream:

Banawoman and I were going to see a new opera starring Mr. Gunn. We were getting ready when we realized that it was really late, as in, curtain was in 45 minutes. We ran to the airplane and were on our way when the plane suddenly landed, too far from the theater. No one would explain why it stopped. Meanwhile, the start time passed and we realized that even if we went, they wouldn't let us in. We were going to go home. Husband was at the opera so I sent him a text message that we didn't make it. I was really sad because we had been planning to go for about a year. Suddenly I remembered intermission - we could go in during intermission! So we headed back to the opera house. I don't quite remember how we got there. The next thing I remember was being on the street outside and it was sort of like the atmosphere before a rock concert. There were people all over the place, all waiting to go in. And that's all I remember.

And isn't that enough?


tcarstetter said...

Susan!!!! You probanly are apprised of this utterly rematkable event, but do yo know that national television shall air a feature on DEAR Mr. Gunn's life?!?!?! If you,Susan have aquired any knowledge of the fortitious happening, please let me know right away! Will it be on PBS? Will it be about his life or his career? Please let me know! I would be deeply grateful. P.S. Did you check out my blog?

Susan said...

Hi Theresa, Check out my most recent blog entries from the week of August 23 for info on the TV program. You probably posted this comment before you saw those posts. :)