Friday, July 17, 2009

So Many Seats, But Just Three Acts. Do You Write a Blog?

I post a real official unofficial review later, however I wanted to check in to say that Abduction was great! So funny. I will go into all the gory/boring detail in a different post. But I wanted to share these two things:

Standing room tickets were $15. Seats started at $59. I purchased a standing room ticket. As soon as the lights went down, the usher asked me if I'd like to sit, and she showed me and another standing room person to some empty seats in the back, on the side. That was nice. Well, except for the fact that my skirt is a size too small, and sitting down made it really uncomfortable. But I was happy to be sitting.

First intermission. The usher comes over and asks if we'd mind switching seats with someone who wants to be sitting farther back. Sure, why not? So now I'm in row M, center section for Act 2.

Lights come up for second intermission. I notice a bunch of empty seats about 5 rows up. I return from my mad bathroom dash, where, by the way, I was first! I was the FIRST person to reach the bathroom! Oh and I was also the youngest person there so... Anyway, those seats were empty so I moved up and watched Act 3 from like the 7th row, near the center. Nice!

So of course now I'm feeling a wee bit guilty - I paid $15 for $90 seats. Actually, I paid $15 and got to see three operas, all from great seats. I did grab one of the donation envelopes on the way out. Time to become a Patron of the Arts. Every $25 counts, right?

The other thing: First intermission. I'm in the lobby getting some water (they have a pitcher and little cups on the bar) when someone with an opera company badge approaches me and says, "Do you write a blog?" I didn't know what the right answer was. So I said, all drawn out, "Maayyyybe....?" and she said, "No, really, do you write a blog? Aren't you Susan?" I didn't answer. I didn't make eye contact. Then she says, "No, it's ok... Divavixxen told me about it." So I did own up and she said she finds it entertaining. Whew! Thanks!! Not sure what I was scared of. I guess I was afraid someone would be like, stop writing about our operas! And yes, I'm aware that that's totally paranoid verging on insane, but given the history... Anyway, Intermission Lobby Person, if you read this, you know who you are... leave comments if you're inspired!

I really do have lots to say about the performance but it's way past my bedtime so it'll have to wait.


Frescamari said...

I think it's fine to sit in the unsold seats when you pay for standing room. When I was growing up our whole family (6 of us) use to see Broadway shows SR and I remember once or twice the ushers inviting us to sit in the empty seats.

Susan said...

Oh I agree.
I feel incredibly lucky to have seen all three productions for a total of $15, and since I didn't volunteer this year, I want to contribute in some way.