Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need...More... Money...

Remember back when I wrote about Firebrand I said I'd go out of my way to see Anna Christy perform again? Well look at this. Anna Christy, Joyce DiDonato, Sam Ramey and many others... Thankfully none of the other upcoming performances appeal to me. But I can only imagine how much tickets for American Voices are going to run. That on top of what I want to see at the Met... eek. Must... sell...more...earrings.

Anyone out there want to buy some earrings? <--- Click that link!! Go ahead! Click it! Look at the photos! Many opera singers out there have a pair (or more) of my creations, including Joyce Didonato, Elizabeth Caballero, Divavixxen and I do believe I gave a pair to Julie Gunn after I saw her perform.

I do believe? As if. I remember every pair. I have pictures of every pair I've ever made.

JDD - green embedded flower earrings with rhinestone rondelles,

And also a pair using the bottom bead in these. It's actually a black bead with two vintage beadcaps.

EC - Vintage orange painted beads - I think it was these, and if not, definitely a pair with those orange beads.

DV- Vintage grey/black oval twisted beads dangling from black tulip beads

JG- Blue I think... embedded flower with blue crystal bicone bead?
(on the far right... I think those are the ones. If not, I think it was something similar. I'm pretty sure they were blue.)

Yep. Sounds about right.

So don't you want to be in good company - all these talented musicians have earrings I've designed! You can too!!

Ok, shameless begging done. Email me if interested.


Susan Eichhorn-Young said...

Even I own THREE pairs!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness! Yes! I knew I was leaving someone out!!! Well you know that when we meet in person (for I have no doubt that one day we will) I'll have a little gift for you!

DivaVixxen said...

I wore mine today! LOVE them!!!!!