Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun and Profit

I posted the Batti Batti video to my Facebook profile, where someone who doesn't know me (Yeah, I know, a friend who I don't really know...) suggested I make it private or take it down. I explained my situation - I'm in it for fun, not profit. So I figured I post that here too: I have no aspirations of becoming a professional opera singer. I'm not going to quit my (half) day job. Of course you all know, especially if you've been reading for several months. (And I thank you all for that!)

I'm in it for fun. I love learning the music. I love learning what I can do. I love how important the mental aspect is- almost more than the physical aspect. For me, it's much easier to learn the physical steps than it is to relax my brain enough to incorporate it all and create music. Even if I never took another lesson I'll never be the same - I'll never go "back" to my pre-lesson ways of listening to, understanding and creating music. Same with supering - even if I never super in another opera, I'll never watch an opera the same way, knowing what little I know about what goes into a production.

So if I had to choose, lessons or supering, which would I choose? That's a tough one, but I think I'd go for the lessons. Luckily I don't have to choose.

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