Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Almost Audition... Postponed

Argh. The thing I've sort of mentioned in the past few posts... the Person In Charge left me a message, they want to hear me sing, can I come Saturday? Totally casual message that if I can make it, great, if not, that's OK too. My first thought upon hearing the message was, "NO! I'm NOT READY!" Even though I am. But there it was, my first thought. Not an auspicious beginning.

Unfortunately, I have an obligation on Saturday that I can't really get out of without causing A Great Deal of Discomfort to Too Many People (including the Discomfort they'd heap upon me). So I had to tell him I couldn't make it. He thought I had previously told him I'd be on vacation that day, so he didn't expect me to be available. The next opportunity will be in September, unless he can get people together in August. He said many people are on vacation and it's hard to schedule stuff, and that he'd call me. I guess I'll call him at the beginning of September if I don't hear from him.

I'm so glad he left a message - it gave me time to think before calling him back. So now I'll have time to prepare an audition piece, maybe two, if they want to hear another. This is not a paid professional thing - it's casual - so it's not like I need a head shot and a portfolio of music for them to choose from for me to sing. On the other hand, it can't hurt. Might as well pretend I'm professional, as much as I'm able to. They know the deal as far as my vocal education and experience goes.

I'm excited, even if I have to wait two more months!

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