Monday, July 6, 2009

Facebook Fan Pages - Elizabeth Caballero

Ok, how many of you are on Facebook? Almost all, I bet.

Go here. Watch and listen to the videos. Become a fan. See her perform if you ever get a chance.

My next chance will be next season at the Met. Can't wait!


Mandolin Vision said...

Hi Susan:
What other performances are you planning to attend in the Met next season?
I have one in mind that I would like to go to - just want to see which ones you are thinking about.

Susan said...

Hi! I don't know yet. Probably Die Zauberflote in the spring to see Everyone's Favorite Papageno, and then I want to see JDF, Diana Damrau and Joyce D. Can't afford to see that many operas... want to see something I haven't seen before... It's a logic puzzle and I'll figure it out before tickets go on sale.