Sunday, July 12, 2009

Up Periscope and Other Tidbits

Of course I remembered one more thing about Lucia that I had meant to include in yesterday's post. This isn't related to the performance, although I don't think it qualifies as a tattle either.

You know how when the conductor comes in, he or she has the orchestra stand? From where we were sitting in the second row, we couldn't see the musicians at all. All we could see was the bassoon come up like a periscope. It looked ridiculous and everyone around us laughed. I've sat so far up and back that I couldn't see the orchestra, but I've never been so close that I couldn't see it.

View from my seat after we moved to the center:

You can just see the tops of the seats in the first row, that little bit of red. The orchestra was behind the wall and down a few steps into the pit.

So while I'm posting the "view from my seat" pictures, here is my view for Mikado. The sets were gorgeous. This was the dress rehearsal so you can see tech type people on the stage. You can aslo see the orchestra pit AND you can see where I sat for Lucia - 2nd row, center section, three seats in from the right.

I recommend to anyone in the area to GO SEE THESE PERFORMANCES!

I did break down and buy a ticket for Abduction. Seriously, how could I not? I promise not to whine (too much) about not being a super in it. I did see a photo of the supers in costume, and what stood out to me was that they are all the exact same height. Taller than me by several inches... So yeah, I know, we all live in our own worlds where everything revolves around us and it's all huge in our heads and all, but seeing that made me realize that there was nothing I could do, short of grow 5 inches, to get chosen. And you know what? It's a relief.

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